Want to showcase your brand to your customers directly? We can create you a database, email templates and build eDMs to advertise your business straight to the consumers inbox!

Why is Email Marketing important?

Ever received an email from a store about a special offer or new product or service? That is an eDM (electronic direct mail). Once you collect customer’s email addresses you can then send them updates on products, services, specials and other features you wish to communicate directly. It’s a great way to engage with your customer base.


eDMs are a crucial part of the digital marketing mix as you can enforce messages from your other channels directly to your customer’s inbox. Whether your purpose is to showcase a new product or service, drive traffic to your website or send out special offers, eDMs are an effective mode of online communication!

What we can offer:
  • Create a database
  • Create templates for eDms
  • Design eDMs