Green Almond Foods


Digital Strategy


The team at Green Almond Foods were seeking to increase online sales and drive more web traffic.


Develop a sustainable digital strategy that will drive more traffic to their website and convert web traffic into online sales.


We took the time to understand the brand, target audiences and how to best leverage their products through online advertising. Green Almond Foods had an existing database, strong social media engagement with their followers and a eCom website for online purchasing. We developed a strategy that combined a mix of paid and earned channels including an organic social media strategy, paid social media ads and email marketing. 


We delivered a range of eDM templates and launched their first eDM calendar campaign with an average CTR of 3.9%, ran an ‘Always-on’ paid social media campaign with one of the campaigns showcasing a CPC of $0.19 and a 4% CTR, resulting in a 500% increase in website traffic.